Toyota Certified At Capital Plaza
Toyota Certified At Capital Plaza

Why Do I Need New Tires?

Learn About the Importance of New Tires

Check Tire Tread: A Better Way

Bring your Toyota vehicle into our tire service center in Landover and our tire service technicians will check the tread and wear on your Toyota tires. If you need new tires, Toyota Certified at Capital Plaza has a great selection in our tire shop at fair prices. We often run tire specials or provide tire coupons or tire specials . If you just need a tire repaired or fixed, our Toyota service department will try to mend them if possible, making sure that they are safe and road-worthy, based on driving conditions in the area. We also provide tire rotation and wheel alignment if your Toyota vehicle needs it.


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Tire Tread – What Does it Do?

The traction is what “holds” your Toyota vehicle on the roads in Landover, especially when driving in non-perfect conditions like rain, slush, and snow. Tire tread directs water and slush from between your tire and College Park roads and also helps create edges to grip snow. Tire tread plays a huge role in how quickly your Toyota vehicle can stop when the brakes are applied. 2/32″ might be used as a general rule for new tire replacement, but Toyota Certified at Capital Plaza thinks this guideline could be cutting it too close for Maryland drivers.

Test Your Toyota Tires for Tread

A lot of Landover residents abide by the Penny Test. It’s easy: place a Lincoln penny into the tread groove of your worn tire. If you can’t see all of Lincoln’s head, then the tire tread should be fine. Unfortunately, this isn’t a very accurate way to test whether or not your Toyota tire tread is at a safe level, and could result in some dangerous trips driving around Silver Spring. The idea behind the Penny Test is that the performance or your Toyota vehicle doesn’t really go down in poor driving conditions (rain, slush and snow) until the tire tread wears down to around 2/32″ (which is where you will see all of Lincoln’s head). This idea is simply wrong. Many states consider 2/32″ of tread the level at which a tire’s tread is worn out. However, 4/32″ or more is needed to maintain good and safe traction on your tires.

Does Your Toyota Vehicle Have Uneven Tire Tread?

The penny test is a good way to check if your tires are wearing evenly. If they aren’t, you may need a wheel alignment or tire rotation from Toyota Certified At Capital Plaza in Maryland. When this happens, our service department can help you understand why this is happening, and how you can keep it from continuing. For example, if your Landover tire tread is worn down mainly in the middle of the tire, you may have been driving with an over-inflated tire around Baltimore.