Toyota Maintenance

Toyota Maintenance
& Repair

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Maintenance for your Toyota care is essential for making sure your Toyota is working and running well. Don't stress! We here at Toyota Certified at Capital Plaza we have highly trained and experienced technicians who will ensure that process of maintaining your vehicle is quick, fair and reliable. Maintenance is regular service that is required for your vehicle meanwhile auto repairs are performed when your vehicle is not functioning properly. Being proactive with maintaining these essential items would make your Toyota running at its peak performance: 

  1. Oil Change
  2. Tires ( Rotation )
  3. Battery
  4. Fuel Filters
  5. Coolant
  6. Timing Belt
  7. Spark Plugs
  8. Brakes

Please be sure to look over your owner's manual to follow recommended schedule services. All vehicles are different and they will require different maintenance. In summary, performing regular maintenance will help your vehicle running smoothly and prevent costly repairs later down the road.