Defensive Driving can Save Fuel

While it's easy for drivers to aggressively put the pedal to the metal, such driving habits can actually be harmful beyond simple safety concerns. Even though such driving is indeed unsafe, aggressive and impatient driving can actually increase fuel costs. Plus, unrestrained and possibly reckless driving can and does result in untimely component damages.

Aggressive takeoffs and aggressive braking often force vehicles to operate in inefficient energy ranges. Over time, such driving not only weakens and damages sensitive vehicle components, but it can also critically add to fuel usage.

In addition to slowing down and driving defensively, vehicle operators can also easily improve their fuel efficiency by simply pre-planning their daily routes. For example, operators who plan routes that allow them to keep appointments in the same areas can often save on fuel costs. By the same token, individuals who use ride-sharing services or carpool can also promote fuel efficiency.

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