Toyota Yaris: A Small Car with Big Technology

The Toyota Yaris is a subcompact car that is popular with drivers who want something easy to drive and has great technology features. This car has tech features that will help you feel organized and comfortable during any part of the day. At Toyota Certified at Capital Plaza, we understand how great it is to choose the right features that compliment your trip to the grocery store or morning drive to work in Landover, MD.

The Yaris has a touch-screen system that allows you to sync your playlists and answer your phone calls with Bluetooth. You can use the touch-screen to access the system or a control knob between the seats.

No more searching for car keys! Keep your keys in a pocket or bag and just touch the door handle to enter the car. There is also Push Button Start on the Toyota Yaris. You can just push the button and drive without having to use your keys.

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