See the New Performance Features of the Toyota Prius v

The Toyota Prius gained popularity upon the vehicle's introduction for its fuel-efficient capabilities. The new Toyota Prius v hatchback features a combination of gentle curves and sharp lines to create a dramatic visual appearance. Potential owners also have the choice of picking the new vehicle from seven different colors. The two-tone interiors boast deep and comfortable front seats that come with bolsters. The dashboard features a full 11.6-inch monitor for navigation and multimedia entertainment.

The undercarriage of each Prius v hides a wishbone-shaped multi-link rear suspension, which is designed to provide vehicle occupants with the smoothest ride possible. Toyota's features make it easier for anyone having difficulty with parallel parking. Whether parking or leaving a parking space, sensors evaluate the surrounding area for dangers. If the technology senses an obstacle, the driver receives an audible alert. The engine gears down and the brakes may automatically apply. See the new Toyota Prius v at Toyota Certified at Capital Plaza.

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